Saturday, 25 March 2017

Week 7 Term 1

This week it was our turn to host Kahikatea syndicate assembly. Rosie and Kaitlyn did a superb job with Room 5 demonstrating impeccable manners!
Chloe and Moss shared their brilliant bee stories and we had three champions receiving certificates.

We are currently trialing some new stools for when we are working at lower tables. The stools help us to sit with a better posture than on cushions. A big thank you to Ian (Victoria's husband) who has made the prototype!

As part of our inquiry learning we have been looking at playing fair games, resilience and the ability to be a gracious winner and a good loser.
We played a game of Rob the Nest where the objective of the game is to 'pinch' balls off another team. We soon discovered feelings of frustration and what fairness looked like. At the same time there was plenty of laughter, squealing and support for one another!

During reading time these champion literacy gurus read a story about making a koru pattern with daisies. They were able to use their creative thinking to work out a way of replicating the pattern in the classroom using playdough!

These two boys were feeling very proud of themselves and excited for getting 100% of their spelling words correct and a massive improvement in their basic facts! As I have said a number of times to the children success comes through hard work and dedication and this is exactly what these two boys did this week. Outstanding!

Have a happy and safe week!

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